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Mesa Vaivén Side Table


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Discover the allure of our Attractive Marble Side Table - a functional swivel top side table that adds a touch of elegance to your space. The superior top design brings balance and lightness, while the marble base enhances the table's prestige, elevating the overall aesthetics of your living area.

Elevate your living area with the captivating elegance of the Attractive Marble Side Table - experience functional sophistication at its finest.

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Free Shipping UK

Assembly & Installation

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Product Features

  • Organized convenience: The functional swivel top enables you to access items from any angle, ensuring a seamless and organized experience.
  • Harmonious balance: The combination of the superior top and marble base strikes a perfect balance of form and function, making this table a stunning centerpiece in any room.
  • Prestigious charm: The presence of the marble base adds a touch of prestige to your living area, creating an ambiance of refinement and sophistication.
  • Space optimization: The Attractive Marble Side Table optimizes space with its compact design, making it ideal for smaller living areas or as an additional stylish accent piece.
  • Captivating aesthetics: The visual element of the table, characterized by the swivel top and marble base, becomes a conversation starter and a statement of your exquisite taste.

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More About the Product

Effortless Elegance: Elevate Your Décor with the Mesa Vaivén Marble Side Table!

As you imagine the Attractive Marble Side Table in your home, a sense of admiration and sophistication fills the air. Picture yourself effortlessly swiveling the top, arranging your essentials with ease. The harmonious design creates a captivating visual element, evoking feelings of delight and pride in owning such a tasteful piece.

The Attractive Marble Side Table stands out with its innovative swivel top functionality. This unique mechanism allows you to easily adjust the table's surface, providing convenience and versatility. The superior top design enhances the table's aesthetics, creating an eye-catching element that complements your interior decor.

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