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Introducing Ethimo: A Celebration of Mediterranean Elegance

Ethimo, a brand deeply rooted in the values of Mediterranean culture, draws inspiration from the timeless allure of Mediterranean architecture, the natural environment, captivating fragrances, and the daily rituals that shape life in this region. Ethimo seamlessly blends these elements with the expertise of skilled artisans with refined tastes, resulting in a harmonious fusion of beauty, nature, culture, and tradition.

Ethimo's Core Values

At Ethimo, the art of innovation is evident as it artfully combines innovative materials to create unexpected and breathtaking compositions. Meticulous attention to detail guides the brand, ensuring that every outdoor project reflects a diverse palette of colors and unique finishes tailored for specific settings: seaside, poolside, urban, and mountain retreats. Materials such as teak and a curated selection of fabrics transform into living elements, allowing the personalization of outdoor spaces. Ethimo stands proud as the pioneer who introduced the first-ever mountain-inspired collection to the market.

The brand boasts an array of collections, each possessing its own distinct identity yet harmonizing effortlessly with one another. This harmonious balance revolves around the principles of beauty, functionality, quality, and the hallmark of Italian craftsmanship.

Ethimo's collaborations with international designers of prestige remain at the forefront of its style. Each collection narrates the Ethimo story through lounge elements, dining sets, and innovative lighting solutions, delivering a compelling outdoor design statement.

Central to Ethimo's production philosophy is the unwavering commitment to outdoor living with environmental responsibility. Quality materials and their eco-friendly origins are paramount. Ethimo exclusively utilizes FSC-certified wood sourced from carefully monitored forests undergoing rigorous reforestation processes.

In the Ethimo world, every detail is considered, creating outdoor spaces that envelop, embrace, and define uniqueness.

Ethimo: Elevating Outdoor Living

Ethimo's collections are adorned with accessories that imbue character and personality. Handwoven carpets, the warm radiance of lamps, spacious lounge chairs, and waterside deckchairs, along with numerous ideas dedicated to hospitality, effortlessly furnish outdoor areas, transforming them into an extension of indoor living spaces. The open-air design studio represents a fusion of research and innovation, embodying the essence of contemporary design.

Ethimo interprets outdoor living with simplicity, harmony, and well-being as its guiding principles, echoing an unmistakable, universal language deeply rooted in the land and the heart.

The Ethimo Journey

Ethimo draws its inspiration from the inviting hues of the Mediterranean and the charm of unassuming, authentic locales. Its contemporary design collections prioritize comfort and practicality, elevating outdoor spaces into sophisticated havens for relaxation and the enjoyment of leisure.

The brand's unwavering commitment to quality is reflected in its meticulous selection of materials and attention to detail. Every Ethimo piece adds an elegant, personal touch to private gardens, exclusive country hotels, and upscale resorts.

Ethimo's entrepreneurial spirit is fueled by a profound passion for nature. Its headquarters are nestled within the enchanting scents and vibrant colors of the Moutan Botanic Centre, a sprawling 15-hectare park housing the world's most significant collection of peonies. This unique setting, amid the lush hills of northern Lazio and Tuscany, marked the genesis of its collection.

Since 2009, Ethimo's deep admiration for gardens, nature, and the captivating Mediterranean landscapes has inspired a series of collections that encapsulate 40 years of expertise in outdoor living. Ethimo's reach extends to over 70 countries, proudly collaborating with globally renowned designers and interior experts. The brand continues to serve as an ambassador of authentic Italian Design, sharing the essence of true elegance and sophistication with the world.

Welcome to the world of Ethimo, where Mediterranean elegance converges with timeless outdoor luxury.